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FPS Learning Support Team


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Learning Support


The Ferncourt Learning Support Team is led by the Learning Support Teacher.  The membership is made up of the Principal, School Counsellor, Assistant Principal, (Stage 1 Co ordinator) Reading Recovery teacher and the School Learning Support Officer.  The team meets regularly to consider the needs of students.

Working collaboratively with staff, departmental officers and outside agencies student needs are assessed and where needed, support is provided for students with learning, behavioural or physical needs.

 This support may be in the form of support to the clssroom teacher in designing special programs or differentiating the curriculum to meet a specific students needs.  It may be by the provision of a Learning Support Officer in the classroom for part of the day or on special occasions such as excursions. There may also be times when a student is withdrawn for intensive one-on-one teaching.

Students can be refered to the Learning Suport Team by their teacher or parent.